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September's week-long festival behemoth, Rock in Rio has set a new precedent for cashless payments by enabling its 40,000 VIP guests to make transactions via their RFID bracelets, provided by security wristband supplier ID&C.

Dubbed the 'largest festival in the world' after its inaugural event attracted some 1.5 million fans, the Brazilian music event (which has sister-festivals in Lisbon and Madrid) deployed Intellitix's cashless payment system throughout its exuberant VIP arena, allowing guests to purchase drinks at lightning-speeds with a simple 'tap' of their RFID festival wristbands.

Festival president, Roberto Medina said in a recently published article that RFID wristbands could replace tickets for the next installment of Rock in Rio. Medina explained that the technology reduces the chance of theft and with the ability to load money onto their festival bracelets; life for fans will be much easier.

ID&C's head of RFID, Steve Daly commented, "It was a thrill to see the wristbands work without fault at this landmark RFID trial and an absolute pleasure to have worked with a such an iconic festival brand."

The Brazil leg of Rock in Rio will take a Glastonbury-esque break next year in light of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but promoters have signaled the launch of two new editions for 2014, with festivals planned in both New York and Las Vegas.