RFID wristbands, steak and pickle shots - Austin, we salute you!

Last week, we embarked on our first North American festival exhibition, attending the International Music & Festival Conference or IMFCON in Austin, Texas. What started out with a hellish 24-hours in transit including lost luggage and 'airport issues' (don't ask), went on to become a successful trip, full of networking, interesting people and... pickle shots!

The gig

After an awesome summer which saw us supply 1.5 million RFID wristbands to festivals around the world, IMFCON presented the perfect opportunity to showcase our latest security wristband innovations and develop relationships with a number of new and existing U.S clients, ahead of the 2013 season. See some clients and case studies here.

Our event highlights

Aside from a successful business trip with a number of promising leads, we had the pleasure to meet a bunch of awesome people too. Shout outs to Drew and Evan from festival app provider, Aloompa, Eventbrite for their hospitality and free booze!  And, last but not least, the Festival Guy aka Tucker Gumber. This dude showed up on our stand with a headband made from festival wristbands (most of which were supplied by us!). He attended something like 20 festivals last summer!  This guy is hardcore and has a great website - check it out here.

The Festival Guy - Wristbands Headband

Although we only had 4 days to experience Austin, here's our mini guide to this awesome city:

Top 5 things to do in Austin

1. Steak for breakfast
Texas is the only place in the world where this is perfectly normal... and surprisingly (for an Englishman) rather spiffing indeed. Eat it medium, with eggs and wash down with plenty of coffee and you'll be worthy of your Stetson.

2. Go running
Not that we did any, but we saw hundreds of people jogging every morning.
It's cool enough to run but warm enough to sweat before 9am. How else are you gonna burn off that steak?

3. 6th Street
The nightlife epicentre of Austin, 6th Street offers end-to-end bars delivering everything from late night BBQ (served by scantily clad ladies if that's your preference), mechanical bull rides and of course, an endless stream of live music. One local told us Jack White played to 30 people in a 6th Street bar during South by South West one year!

4. Burgers at Hut's
Yep, another beef related tip... but after eating no less than 4 burgers in my first 48 hours in Austin, I felt Hut's deserved a special mention. It wasn't much to look at, but wow, what a burger! Wash it down with some of their terrifyingly strong local beers and you'll be ready to hit the aforementioned 6th Street... just don't head towards the mechanical bull!

5. Pickle shotspickle shots
Once you try these bad boys, you'll probably include them on your 'what not to do in Austin' list, but you have to experience this Heston-like, mind muddling chaser. Only the wildest nights end with drinking the juice from a pickle jar straight after a shot of vodka (our night certainly did) but nevertheless, visit the Kung Fu Saloon and ask for their 'signature' shot.

Where next?

In February, we'll be exhibiting our RFID wristbands and event passes at EventLive Expo in LA. If you're going, come say hi.