You've got the event details sorted, your branding is on fire 🔥🔥  and you've got sponsors queuing up to have their logo printed on everything! Especially the lanyards... "the lanyards are the deal breaker!"

So now here you are, you have the logo and everything is in place but what the heck is a lanyard and what does it do? Don't worry we've got your back on that one, read on and hopefully we'll get through all that jargon.

What is a lanyard?

A lanyard is the bit of material that goes over your neck and holds a laminate pass or badge. It's not uncommon for lanyards to be referred to as: neck straps, neck ribbons, event strings, key ribbons... the list goes on. And, then there's those that use 'lanyard' as a collective term for the lanyard and the pass... no! Don't worry though we always know what you mean😜 !

What are lanyards used for?

Lanyards are used everywhere, from holding RFID key cards that opening office doors, to the coveted VIP and backstage passes used at events. They can be fully customised, with a choice of widths, clips and attachments.

Where can I buy lanyards?

Well, right here of course! ID&C has been supplying lanyards for promotional use, events and festivals for over 20 years. Our minimum lanyard order is just 50 pieces and you can make your own lanyards with our online design tool.

What's the average price of lanyards?

Our lanyards start at just £0.69 for a totally bespoke print!

What is a laminate?

This is where all the confusion starts, many people think this is also called a lanyard, it's not. The laminate pass is totally separate, it's the card bit with all the info on it. The pass can be attached to the lanyard providing it has been designed with a hole punch.


There you have it, a lanyard (the bit around your neck) and the laminate (the bit with the info) are two different things that come together to give you the ultimate event pass! - In the words of the Spice Girls, '2 become 1'. Most importantly though, both can be customised to keep both your boss and sponsors happy.


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