Do you know which NFL superstar made more money in the last year? How much has A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) earned throughout his career? Or how much Michael Jordan's Nike "Air Jordan" sponsorship deal is reportedly worth?

So if you are an avid sports fan or the kind of person out of your friends who always knows the value of the player's contracts, and you’re up for the challenge then have a go at playing the quiz here.

Be warned you may be surprised by the answers. Good luck!

See how your sports knowledge scores below: 

  • If you guessed between 1-3 correctly, you’re an amateur sports fan! A rookie. Brush up on your knowledge of worldwide sports and try again.
  • If you guessed between 3-6 correctly your knowledge of sports worldwide is impressive - good work! 
  • If you guessed over 6 correctly, you’re truly 'sports crazy.' You’re likely to get up a stupid o’clock to check contracts of all the top sports stars!