Eco Friendly Conference Badges for Events

Our eco-friendly conference badges for events are made from 100% recyclable materials for a more sustainable name badge option - ideal for large scale corporate events such as business conferences. These designs can be completely recycled for a more environmentally friendly way of providing visitors with personalised eco friendly event badges. 

Badges are the perfect way of controlling admissions into large events and are great at promoting your business too. Enhance your brand image with a more sustainable solution to standard plastic conference badges.
Show me prices for units?
Show me prices for units?

An Eco Friendly Pass for Large Events

Choose an eco friendly name badge for your visitors and staff at your next big event with our eco friendly conference badges and event passes. You can be environmentally friendly and provide an extra level of security at the same time to ensure safety for everyone that attends.

We offer a range of eco friendly event badges such as our 100% waterproof recyclable passes printed in the UK using a CO2 neutral printing press to reduce the effect on the environment. These passes can be hole punched and attached to an eco lanyard. Alternatively you can opt for paper event passes made out of card materials that can be recycled at your local recycling centre. These can also be printed using environmentally friendly printing systems and personalised with the name of the attendees.

Both options are great for offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic conference passes and name badges that cannot be recycled as well as being a great way of advertising your business.

Sustainable Conference Badges

Sustainable conference name badges are a great way of providing guests with recognisable name badges at large events to easily catch the name of an individual.
Our recyclable event passes can be easily attached to a lanyard for an easy way of recognition from others in a crowd and can be recycled after the event has taken place (unless you wish to keep it!)

Made from tearproof 450 micron Polypropylene, our eco-friendly event badges can allow your business event to help reduce plastic waste and support sustainable practices. 
Our sustainable conference badges can also be fully customised using our design function at no additional cost.

Paper Event Badges

Our paper event badges are a great, budget friendly option for guests attending large conference events. Our economy option passes are printed on card rather than plastic and can easily be recycled. These badges also have the option of being produced using 100% recycled paper for an extra-special way of helping the planet.

Our budget laminates are produced using 350gsm card and a thin layer of environmentally friendly lamination. This option is often more suitable for single day events where a pass is not required for more than one use. This is because our budget friendly option is far less durable than our other eco recyclable passes. However they can easily be inserted in  plastic wallets for extra protection and to make them waterproof.

Recycle Conference Badges

Recyclable name badges are a great way of distinguishing the names of guests and providing a personal touch and additional security to an event.

Remember to recycle your conference badges after the event has finished. Businesses holding the events could even request that guests hand in their eco-friendly conference badges on their way out for the event provider to recycle all of the passes in bulk at a local recycling centre.

Discover our range of eco-friendly products

Show your guests that you are committed to helping the environment and the planet that we live in by exploring our range of eco friendly products from eco lanyards to eco friendly wristbands to help your event run smoothly.

These products are not only a great way of doing your bit for the planet and reducing your carbon footprint, but products such as our eco friendly conference badges add additional peace of mind and a level of security to your event. You could even explore the option of recycled wristbands made from PET materials for bigger events where a pass is required for more than one day.

For bespoke, custom or personalised designs please get in touch to discuss your business needs.

If you are looking for products to complete your event and make it go as seamlessly as possible try our eco-friendly parking passes and eco mirror hooks for cars for vehicles entering the event, or maybe paper event guides for long weekend events such as festivals.

Design Your Own Custom Wristbands

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    Ultimate Security:

    We have the largest range of wristband security features including patented wristband locks, barcodes, RFID and holograms.

  • Recycled & Sustainable:

    We offer a wristband recycle program for your unused event wristbands.

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